Art Looking

Here are a few images from a theme I’ve been playing with, – Art on art….referencing a visit to a San-Franscisco Gallery. The painting is by Marie-Anne Carolus-Duran of her daughter.
Not really a segway – but liked an artist statement I came across recently:
“Note to self… maybe it’s so hard to make a statement because you know you have nothing to say. It’s all just indulgence with color and materials. I bet that’s the only reason the cave man spattered his hand print on a wall 20,000 years ago. Anything more than that is just word play to make it sound more important, a solid investment in some bullshit theory that’ll make it more salable……”



Oil. 25 x 33cm.


Oil. 18x13cm.




Oil. 22x34cm.

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  1. At last I’m able to comment on your paintings! I love the hazy girl and her dog. Very intimate and tender and atmospheric. I particularly like the white lines which pick out the light. Beautiful paintings.

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