Large Group Portrait

Will be working on this painting over the next few months. – A few shots of early stages….







6 thoughts on “Large Group Portrait”

  1. Great to see the early stages looking good Peter and am excited by the composition so far. Am curious as to who will be in the portraits on the back wall. Looking forward to next updates.

    1. The hall is the back ground, and the portraits are the ones hanging in the hall. Will start to paint this once most of the figures are roughed in. Not entirely sure of the lighting/tone/colour of this area yet so postponing in hope it becomes obvious.
      Treated myself to a few tubes of Old Holland oils, re our discussion way back. Absolutely love em. Ideal for this sort of work.

  2. Fascinating to see the painting beginning to take shape after the thorough preparatory work that Peter Mennim did with all the subjects at Merchants’ Hall in Edinburgh. We have all thoroughly enjoyed working with him and are really looking forward to seeing the painting develop over the coming weeks.

  3. Impressive to see how this new and intricate composition is working Peter, the individual characters are already coming alive, and I am always amazed by your abilities as a versatile portrait and life painter. Great respect and your work will stun them all at Merchant’s Hall. Keep at it!

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