Progress update

Largely focusing on the faces and the air around them now. Aiming to catch the character and to have beautiful paint rather than be too precise.



9 thoughts on “Progress update”

  1. A quite remarkable series of unique character insights in paint. I’m quite intrigued by the comment ‘and the air around them’, as it almost gives the sense that it is the space around an object that defines it.

    1. Thanks for this. ‘Air around’… Because Ive been putting images of stages up on this blog Ive been watching slightly / deconstructing how I go about doing this sort of job. Have noticed though that I dont really follow a clear and strict algerithmic processes but just sort of feel my way along. So when painting the faces, feel what need doing to the space, – to connect the people, rather than ‘fix’ the face…?

  2. This is looking fantastic Peter! Reminds me of some of Zoffany’s conversation pieces. I feel so lucky to have two of your paintings myself!!

  3. I have to say the paintings are well above the norm. not a bunch of people staring in front trying to look important but a genuine feeling of warmth for they are all talking to each other in a natural friendly way.
    Your father said to me that he thought the one you did in York years ago, was really good. These are even better. You are at the top of your game – charge accordingly!

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