Finished version of group portrait

Group portrait of The Merchant Company of the City of Edinburgh, 2014. Huge thank you to the Master of the Company, Ian Watson who commissioned this painting and gave such a generous speech 2 nights ago at the unveiling. And to Imogen Gibbon, chief curator and deputy director of the Scottish National portrait gallery. And to Gregor Murray who has been so supportive, and to Kathleen, Graham and Dru…








8 thoughts on “Finished version of group portrait”

  1. Peter, this is truly extraordinary. I can’t begin to imagine the depth of your talent and patience to craft the likeness of so many individuals, all vibrant and lively and engaged. It truly takes my breath away!

  2. Peter Mennim’s Group Portrait of the Merchant Company will be an amazing permanent record in the history of the Merchant Company. Peter’s talent is truly remarkable – and he was a delight to meet.

    1. Down in the lower right corner. Its a big painting so hard to see on these very reduced images. But yes! Perhaps a little too subdued.

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